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Congrats, you’ve graduated! Now what…?

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Among the various congratulations and well-wishes I received during my graduation, one comment stood out the most. My uncle (lovely chap that he is) told me “Congratulations on graduating. Now you’re not a student; you’re just unemployed!”

My initial reaction was somewhere along the lines of “Gee, thanks a lot…” However, it was time for me to acknowledge the truth: I had landed myself among the hoards of students without a job despite my degree. Up until now, my life had been pretty much decided: get good grades, go to college, get a – wait, that failed.

How had I landed myself in that position? First, I’m somewhat lazy (at least, according to Buzzfeed, and the fact that I looked to Buzzfeed  to tell me how lazy I am should tell you something) and not particularly ambitious. My “career goals” involve being able to pay off my student loans and to afford somewhere with air conditioning. (On a particularly ambitious day, I also include earning enough to pay for someone else to clean. I hate cleaning.) But second, and probably more importantly, I didn’t want to accept it was time for me to face the real world. My student status was my security blanket. I was so tired of school that I wanted some time to myself to not have to worry about work, whether of the school or real variety.

However, now that I am unemployed, I’m bored and antsy. And worried. Clearly security blankets are just an illusion. Wish me luck as I try to overcome myself and find a job!


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