Falling Through the Sands of Time

A lone voyager's journey through life.

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So these past 2 1/2 weeks I haven’t had internet connection at home. (I should write a book. But it would just be full of trips to Starbucks/the bookstore/cafes or restaurants with wifi, so I doubt anyone would read it. Unless they’re really bored because they also don’t have wifi.) To sum it up: I. Was. Bored. I’m grateful that I had class to keep me busy and distract me from not having internet (wow. Never thought I’d say that!) and that, despite my sister’s teasing, I ended up purchasing the Veronica Mars seasons 1 and 2 DVDs, so I at least had something to do at home. But still.

It was also kinda scary to see how dependent I am on internet. I mean, I know we’re in the digital, interconnected age and everything, but having to plan time for internet usage really showed me how much time I waste on the internet. I know that lots of people go into the wilderness to separate themselves from modern life and intentionally don’t use the internet, but having it forced on me is a lot more stressful. For one thing, I needed it to complete my homework, but also being in a city surrounded by people with internet at home isn’t fun. Now that I have internet back, I’ll probably just go back to wasting time all the time (why wasn’t I was the one to come up with iwastesomuchtime??) but it’s something I’ll think about more in the future. For at least a week.